Before you dive into the Zinc's take a look at our EXPLAINER

The Zinc Explainer has been added to the navigation bar on request. We sell a wide range of Zinc, Zinc & Aluminium based sprays & paste. We want to ensure you buy what you need. If in any doubt please email us.

COVID & BREXIT related supply issues

We have raw material supply issues which are currently affecting our Swiss plant. We apologise for the inconvenience. We do have our UK produced alternatives for all affected products. All comply with or exceed the BS EN ISO standards declared for the affected products. Those products are: 70-41, 70-42, 70-43. They are all NIL stock. Please select the product you usually purchase and scroll down to the click here alternative product option. Please refer to the MSDS and TDS in downloads prior to purchasing. Thank you.

Our Environmental range of products are moving...

Our Lubricating Metal (Titanium Paste) range...

See 70-81 The Aerosol, in action.

Aromatec® by Metatec® our range...


Need volume? Large quantities, 200 litre barrel or 1000 litre IBC?

All of our products are available to order in large quantities; by the pallet, 200 litre barrels and 1000 litre IBC's. Please contact us for lead times & pricing.