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Active ingredients

There is healthy competition in the chemical industry. Many of us sell Aerosols, Lubricants, Cleaners, Pastes, Aromatic Spray's & many other specialist chemicals. Have you ever asked about the active ingredient in the product you have purchased? Take one of our Zinc Aerosol's; our 70-45 Zinc Spray has 93% Zinc in the dry film, how much is in yours? Our Aromatec products contain natural oils, what's in yours? Some of our lubricants are used in F1! Our citrus cleaners contain lemon & orange. Some Our Zinc paste, 70-40, 96% Zinc in the dry film & a Zinc purity of 98.5%, is simply the best cathodic protection available after galvanising. So be sure the next time you buy, you are getting what you think you are getting. Buy once, don't pay twice.

Metaflux 70-40 cathodic zinc paste

70-40 Metaflux Zinc Paste

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