Metaflux 70-38 Galva Protect

70-38 Metaflux Galva Protect

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A unique water-based product for use with the hot-dip galvanising process when parts are to be left un-galvanised. 


Apply onto all parts or areas that are not to galvanised, i.e. threads, connection holes, etc. After the galvanising process, Galva Protect be easily removed with a wire brush  or with Metaflux 70-15 Rapid Cleaner Spray.
Thoroughly stirred prior to application, otherwise it will not pass pre-galvanising acid bath. When the product is thoroughly mixed, a slight colour change from pink to a darker pink will be observed.


  • Quick drying
  • Non-flammable
  • A single application is enough
  • Easily removed by wire brushing, or with Metaflux 70-15 Rapid Cleaner Spray
  • Does not de-stabilise the galvanising process
  • Temp. resistance: up to +800°C

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