Metaflux 70-38 Galva Protect

70-38 Metaflux Galva-PROTECT® (Uniquely from Metaflux®)

Metatec (Online) Limited

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70-38 - 1 kg

Metaflux® Galva-Protect®

(improved formula)


Please note this product can split during storage and all the good stuff sinks to the bottom of the container.

Please thoroughly agitate, stir, shake prior to use... every time.


A unique water-based product for use with the Hot Dipped Galvanising (HDG) process when parts or area's do not need or require HDG.


Brush apply onto all parts or areas that you do NOT need HDG i.e. threads, connection holes, area's to be left for welding etc.

After the HDG process, Galva-PROTECT® can be knocked off or removed with a wire brush.


  • Quick drying

  • Non-flammable

  • A single application is enough

  • Easily knocked off or removed with a wire brushing

  • Does not de-stabilise the galvanising process

  • Temp. resistance: up to +800°C

1 kg Plastic Tub with room to Mix, Shake, Stir and Agitate.

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