About us

Metatec Limited, established in 1982, is the sole distributor for Metaflux®, Metatec®, Aromatec® & Porta® branded products in the UK and Eire.

Metaflux®, established in 1955 and Metatec® manufacture their products in 2 wholly owned facilities in Switzerland and Germany and plants in the UK.

The rise of the new aerosol technologies began in Europe in 1955 and for the next 20 years, this new sector concentrated on putting liquids and active ingredients into spray cans.

In 1975 Metaflux® developed a completely new design of spray can, which for the first time enabled problem free coating of steel with a high level of zinc - to give a true cathodic coating. This achieved quality levels that exceeded all international standards.

In the years that followed, both Metatec® and Metaflux® took the development of metal spray coatings further with the introduction of aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, titanium along with further improvements to zinc coatings leading to the formation of Metaflux® (UK) Limited.

As demand for our unique products increased, a further aerosol manufacturing plant in Germany became affiliated to Metaflux AG. Our two manufacturing plants and our UK manufacturers now have a manufacturing capacity of 60-70 MILLION cans per annum - producing some 75 different aerosol products, cleaners, pastes, aroma's and specialist chemical products, with new products added each year.

Nevertheless, one constant in all Metatec® and Metaflux® developments is the emphasis we place on 3 principles

  • The highest possible technical quality* (the best ratio of expensive active ingredient versus cheap propellent)
  • The lowest air contamination in the work-place
  • Maximum consideration for the environment

Today the Metatec® - Metaflux® - Aromatec® & Porta® (new for 2021) product range comprises; disinfectants & cleaning products, primary & secondary corrosion protection, metallic coatings, multi-function sprays, auto-care, adhesives, NSF food safe products, aroma's, spill products, stainless steel products, cutting, grinding and welding products as well as many other special industrial chemicals.

* Propellent is relatively 'inexpensive' and many sprays contain more propellent and less 'expensive' active ingredient. You'll probably need two cans to do the job.