Metaflux® 70-93 75ml for hands & Surfaces - This kills the Coronavirus when used undiluted in 60 seconds (EN14476:2003+A2:2019)

Metatec Metaflux

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METAFLUX® 70-93 hand & surface quick disinfectant.

This product  KILLS any Coronavirus in 60 Seconds!

75 ml Pump Spray

This complies with EN14476:2003+A2:2019 and used undiluted kills the Coronavirus in 60 seconds.

It is also effective against all Enveloped Virus’s including all human Influenza Virus’s, other Coronaviridae (MERS -CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2) and Filoviridae including Ebola. 

Article No. 70-93


Quick disinfectant for hand & surface disinfection & sanitisation.
Also with H1 N1 influenza A viruses.

• Ready for immediate use
• Handy container pocket sized, handbag, etc or for travel.
• The secondary alcohol contained evaporates almost without residue
• Pleasant, light citrus scent.

Remove hand jewellery, spray hands and "wash in" thoroughly, hands, wrists & in-between fingers, until evaporation occurs.
Spray surfaces with rapid disinfection and leave to act for at least 60 seconds or wait until it has evaporated.

Do not use on sensitive surfaces and plastics
(e.g. plexiglass, methacrylates), if in doubt, carry out a preliminary test at an invisible location.

Colour: colourless