Metatec 99-56 Anti MRSA Door Touch Guards (10 per pack)

99-56 Metatec Anti MRSA Door Touch Guards (10 per pack)

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Door plates that are impregnated with an effective anti-bacterial that breaks the cycle of cross contamination by hand.

Made from tough plastic incorporating Bacti-G, a proven anti bacterial guard. The door plate works as a highly effective ‘transmission break’. This means that any bacteria that is transmitted to the door plate through everyday hand contact will be eradicated instantly and will not contaminate the hand of the following person. Thus helping to prevent the spread of numerous bacterium including MRSA & E-COLI. Working instantly & leave no residue or taint on hands.

Range of application

Eradicate a wide range of bacterium, fungi & micro-organisms. This product is an essential for hygiene sensitive environments.

Particularly recommended for kitchen areas, care homes, hospitals, infirmaries etc.

Apply to a dry flat surface. It will continue to work for 4 months before a replacement is required.

10 touch-guards per pack