Metatec® BORAXO® 02-50 10 x 1KG Bag

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Metatec® Boraxo® Powder Hand Cleaner

BORAXO is a heavy duty powder hand cleaner containing no solvents, synthetic detergents or insoluble abrasives. 
Safe, economical, and very effective and no micro beads entering the food chain.

About Boraxo Powder Hand Cleaner . . .

  • BORAXO’S tiny grains lift out all types of grime as they dissolve away in a rich lather.
  • Top cleaning power, without the micro beads entering the food chain.
  • The dirtiest hands are left fresh, clean and odourless.
  • BORAXO’s thorough cleansing action removes obstinate dirt and grime, but not the skin’s natural oils.
  • Completely safe and protects the hands from dermatitis.
  • The most economical of all heavy duty hand cleaners.
  • Cannot block drains.
  • The creamy lather makes BORAXO pleasant to use.
  • To use, wet hands first then apply Boraxo powder and rub, adding water a little at a time to increase the cleansing action and lather.

Supplied in 1kg bag x 10



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