Metaflux 70-19 Protect Spray

70-19 Metaflux Protect Spray

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Metaflux 70-19 Protect Spray is a clear coating for metallic or metallic surfaces protecting against mechanical abrasion. This smooth, dirt repellent coating remains permanently elastic and glass clear - even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Range of application

Protective seal for metal, metallically coated surfaces and all other smooth surfaces, for circuit boards, electrical switches, electrical coils, electrical current-carrying rails.


  • Transparent coating
  • Smooth surface
  • Repels dirt
  • Permanently elastic
  • No discolouration if heated or exposed to UV rays
  • Does not alter thermal conductivity
  • Glass like transparency
  • Temp. resistance: up to + 100°C [+212°F]
  • Coverage: up to 30 m² [323 ft²]

400 ml

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