Metaflux 75-11 Metaflux K1-Rapid Cleaner Spray NSF

75-11 Metaflux K1-Rapid Cleaner Spray NSF for Stainless Steel & smooth surfaces

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An NSF registered cleaner and degreaser. Fast acting and highly effective for cleaning Stainless Steel. Cleaning solutions for the food, beverage, associated industries, Hygiene and Medical services.

Range of application

High-performance cleaner and degreaser for the removal of oil, grease, resins, and dirt. Also an ideal base degreaser prior to applying paint finishes etc.


  • Highly effective stainless steel cleaner
  • Quick drying - no residues
  • Effortlessly removes grease, oil and dirt
  • Can be used for the cleaning of electrical systems and contacts, construction and assembly of parts
  • Clear and transparent
  • Works as a cleaner for electric systems and contacts
  • NSF registration K1-K2-K3 #145905

400 ml

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