Metaflux® 71-03 Cutting Paste 50ml

Metatec Metaflux

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Metaflux® 71-03 Cutting Paste

Article No. 71-03

Applied like a deodorant / lipstick - twist it.

(Do not use as deodorant or lipstick)

Cutting paste for all common metalworking processes such as thread cutting, rubbing, sawing, drilling, countersinking, deburring, turning, punching and milling.

• excellent separating and cooling effect.
• increases the tool life even with hard and brittle materials.
• high heat resistance ensures good lubrication and cooling even at high  temperatures.
• Good adhesion improves lubrication.
Apply active ingredient to the tool surface.
Storage temperature: 5 - 40 ° C

50 ml stick

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