Metaflux® 70-99 Universal Gas 600ml (388g)

Metatec Metaflux

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METAFLUX 70-99 Universal Gas

Article No. 70-99
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Universal gas: 35% propane and 65% butane is suitable for all propane/butane devices,
Complying to type 1 of standard EN 417.
Due to the automatic safety closure, it can also be used with changing devices.

Soldering, thawing, weeding, lighting.

• Automatic safety closure allows operation of changing devices with suitable
Type 1 EN 417 standard thread (euro thread)
• with highly fine refined gases for long trouble-free operation
Mixture 35% propane and 65% butane ensures operation up to -15 °C

Color: colorless
600 ml cartridge