Metaflux 75-35 Smoke Residue Cleaner

75-35 Metaflux Smoke Residue Cleaner

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A high performance cleaner with active foam. Specially designed for the most stubborn dirt, such as smoke resin deposits, extremely greasy fats, oils and protein residues. It leaves no odour or taste.

Range of application

Suggested applications; baking and pizza ovens, smoke chambers, fume hoods, exhaust pipes, extractor hoods, recirculation systems, smoke chambers, grease filters, barbecues etc.

Ideal for food industry, dairies, canteen kitchens, hospitals, roasting plants, smokehouses, cleaning companies, construction yards, canteens, restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, fireplaces etc.


  • Residue-free rinsing
  • Without odour or taste impairment of food acc. § 31 LFBG
  • Anti-bacterial
  • May be diluted (up to 1:100)
  • Phosphate and solvent free
  • Does not attack glass
  • pH value: 14.0
  • Yellow colour
Available in 1 and 10 litres

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