Metaflux 70-63 TS 400 Rust Protection (Grey)

70-63 Metaflux TS 400 Rust Protection (Grey)

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Metaflux 70-63 TS 400 is a rust protection treatment of rusted / corroded surfaces. It is a fast drying protective primer for all metals.

Range of application

Prevents formation of rust on steel and stops corrosion on surfaces that are already affected by rust. An ideal solution to  stop corrosion and a base coat for a finishing coat. It is also available in reddish brown.


  • Provides reliable and permanent protection of the treated surface
  • Bonds with any blank metal surface
  • Can be top coated with enamel varnish
  • Suitable for spot welding
  • Good UV stability
  • 1 Kg [2.20 lbs.] may coat up to 6 m² [65 ft².] according to layer thickness
  • Storage temp.: 5°C to 40°C [42° to 104°F
  •  Application temp.: 4°C to 40°C [39° to 104°F
  •  Optimal range: 15° to 28°C [59° to 82.4°F]

Available in various quantities

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