Metaflux 70-44 Rust Safe Spray (Grey)

70-44 Metaflux Rust Safe (Grey) Spray

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Provides superior corrosion and oxidisation protection for all metals.

Range of application

Metaflux 70-44 has both primary and secondary protection applications.

Primary rust protection for all clean non-corroded metallic surfaces to prevent the formation of rust.

Secondary rust protection for all metallic surfaces that are already affected by rust, forming a water and air-proof barrier.

Remove loose rust particles, dirt, oil, grease or wax and simply apply vertically and horizontally to create the best protection barrier.

Also available in Red (Metaflux 70-37) or in paste form in 1kg & 5kg tins; Red (Metaflux 70-34) or Grey (Metaflux 70-63)


  • Primary and secondary corrosion protection for metal surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to clean or rusty surfaces
  • Good penetration on welded areas
  • Can be top coated with any paint or varnish
  • Highly resistant to acids and alkalis
  • Good UV stability
  • Resistant to water infiltration
  • Air-proof
  • Corrosion test according to DIN 53.210 and DIN 53.209
  • Grey in colour
  • Salt spray test as per DIN 50.021: 600 hours
  • Temp. resistance: up to +120°C [+248°F]

400 ml

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