Metaflux 76-58 Permanent Plastic Universal Sealant NSF

76-58 Metaflux Permanent Plastic Universal Sealant NSF

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76-58 Permanent plastic universal sealant (pump dispenser)

Article No. 76-58
This permanent plastic sealant is suitable for use in different material combinations.
It remains plastic and shows no cracking under extreme stress.
• universal use in metal and plastic
• no corrosion, easy disassembly
• resistant to most greases, oils, fuels, additives, gases, water, antifreeze and much more
• without isocyanates and silicones
• with NSF approval
Color: red
Density (25°C): 1.10 g/cm3
Max. Gap filling capacity: 0.2 mm
Temperature resistance: -55°C to +270°C
Approval: NSF P1, DVGW, KTW
Article No. 76-58 200 ml pressure can
1 PU= 12 doses

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