Metaflux 76-58 Permanent Plastic Universal Sealant NSF

76-58 Metaflux Permanent Plastic Universal Sealant NSF

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A sealant that remains plasticised and will not therefore not crack under extreme pressure. As an NSF registered product, it may be used with confidence in applications within the food industry. 

Range of application

May be used with various combinations of materials, in applications with temperature fluctuations and moving surfaces.

Metaflux Universal Sealant should be used to replace hardening sealants which tend to form hairline cracks.

Particularly  suitable for plastic on plastic and metal on plastic joints.

Food industry, food packaging, breweries, bottling plants, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical production etc.


  • Universal sealant for metal and plastic
  • Easy to apply with trigger dispenser
  • Non corrosive
  • Easy disassembly
  • Resistant to most greases, oils, fuels, additives, gases, water, antifreeze and much more
  • Free from isocyanates and silicones
  • Red colour 
  • Temperature resistance -55 ° C to +270 °
  • Density (25 ° C) 1.10 g / cm3
  • Max. Gap filling capacity 0.20 mm

200 ml

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