Metaflux 75-87 Bio Cleaner (dehydrator) Ultra Strong

75-87 Metaflux Bio Cleaner (dehydrator) Ultra Strong

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A new dimension in the cleaning of soiled and gummed tools and surfaces. Based on renewable raw materials and natural powerful ingredients, Bio Cleane er removes the toughest contaminations such as resins, greases, anti-corrosion waxes, rubber residues, adhesive residues, etc.

Range of application

Wood industry, food industry, dairies, canteen kitchens, hospitals, roasting plants, smokehouses, cleaning companies, construction yards, canteens, restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, fireplaces.

Apply to saw blades and saw chains, chainsaws, milling heads, dressers, planers, presses etc.


  • Ready to use
  • Gentle to base materials, surfaces, tools etc.
  • No hazardous labeling acc. EU directives
  • Works even in cold weather
  • Pleasant smell
  • High flash point (~ 100 ° C) ensures high safety during use
  • Formulated from renewable raw materials
  • Dissolves stubborn and heavy soiling

500 ml & 5 litres

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