Metaflux 75-86 Clean & Shine (concentrate)

75-86 Metaflux Clean & Shine (concentrate)

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A smooth surface cleaner for a lustrous shine.

Range of application

Use on all smooth surfaces such as lacquer, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel etc.

May be used with high-pressure cleaners.

Dilute well for use on aluminum, zinc and brass surfaces and always carry out a compatibility test before use.

Ideal for offices, workshops, production plants, motor vehicles and commercial vehicles.


  • High dissolving power of soiling such as oil, grease and soot
  • Quick drying formula for shine without streaks and stains
  • Glossy effect on all smooth surfaces
  • Highly concentrated and economical
  • Phosphate and solvent free
  • Environmentally and separator friendly
  • pH 13.2

1 litre

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