Metaflux 75-50 Super Universal Gel Cleaner NSF A1 (concentrate)

75-50 Metaflux Super Universal Gel Cleaner NSF A1 (concentrate)

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Specifically developed for the food industry, this is an alkaline universal cleaner and degreaser used to deal with organic and mineral contaminants - such as oil, grease and protein on almost any surfaces.  As a gel, it has excellent adherence to vertical surfaces.

Range of application

Food and beverage industry, dairies, commercial kitchens, agriculture, hospitals, sanitary facilities, cleaning companies etc.


  • Highly concentrated gel
  • Adheres to vertical surfaces
  • provides short term corrosion protection
  • Oil separator compatible, tested according to ÖNORM B 5105
  • odourless
  • May be diluted (up to 1:40)
  • pH value: 11.5
  • NSF registered A1

Available in 1, 5 & 10 litres 

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