Metaflux 75-53 Polishing Electrolytic Cleaner

75-53 Metaflux Polishing Electrolytic Cleaner ECS & ERS

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Suitable for both the ECS & ERS Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Machines.

This is an Aqueous, acidic electrolyte cleaning and polishing solution. 

Range of application 

For cleaning stainless steel welds with ERS / ECS cleaning systems - such as the Metaflux 84-30 ERS Cleaning Kit.

After using, the surfaces should be neutralised, eg with Metaflux 75-54 electrolyte neutraliser, then rinsed off with water.


  • Removes colour blooms by TIG or spot welding
  • Also removes slight scaling from the surface
  • Rapid and effective
  • Free of nitric and hydrofluoric acid
  • Colourless and clear

 Available in various quantities

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