Metaflux 75-37 Fast Drying Universal Cleaner (Concentrate)

75-37 Metaflux Fast Drying Universal Cleaner (Concentrate)

Metatec (Online) Limited

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An evaporating phosphate-free mild universal cleaner (with alcohol) for effortless degreasing of oil, grease, albumen etc.

Range of application

Metal works and stainless steel works, wharves, swimming pools, cleaning companies, gardening and landscaping, agriculture, sewage treatment works, window construction.

May be used metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, floors, ceilings, barbecues, plastic furniture, machinery.


  • Will not damage surfaces
  • Highly concentrated
  • Fast-drying
  • May be used at minus degree temperatures
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Neutral odour
  • May be diluted up to 1:40

Available in 10 & 20 Litres 

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