Metaflux 75-30 Stark Clean ULTRA

75-30 Metaflux Ultra Strong Cleaner

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A very powerful and effective cleaner for deep cleaning and with antibacterial properties.

Range of application

Reliably removes the strongest deposits such as limescale, rust, cement, wall foam, saltpetre, salt efflorescence, urine stone, green coverings, grease, protein and oil pollution.

All industries:-  crafts, food and beverage companies, municipal utilities, shipyards, cars, trucks, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, cleaning companies etc.

Ideal on stone, buildings, monuments, grave and natural stones, tiles, and glass. Not suitable for marble and limestone. 


  • Wide ranging and versatile
  • Fast-acting on encrusted surfaces
  • Deep porous action
  • Does not attack glass
  • Neutralised with water
  • Dissolves inorganic and organic residues
  • pH: 1.0
  • Clear in colour

Available in 10 and 20 litres

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