Metaflux 75-29 Power Cleaner

75-29 Metaflux Power Cleaner

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A powerful antibacterial cleaner designed for tough jobs including removing cement and lime scale, urine scale, rust, unwanted verdigris on brass and copper, heavy soiling of grease, oil, protein, mineralised water marks etc. 

Range of application

All industry, crafts, food and beverage companies, municipal utilities, shipyards,
cars, trucks, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, sanitary facilities, and cleaning companies.

Not suitable for marble and limestone.


  • Cold and warm cleaning (up to 90 ° C)
  • Deep porous cleansing
  • Does not attack glass
  • Dissolves inorganic and organic residues
  • Phosphate and hydrochloric acid free
  • Anti-bacterial
  • pH: 2.5
  • Yellow colour
Available in 10 and 20 litres

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