75-27 Metaflux® Intensive Cleaner

75-27 Metaflux® Intensive Cleaner

Metatec Metaflux

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METAFLUX 75-27 intensive cleaner

Article No. 75-27
Neutral cleaner based on natural active ingredients.
Removes rubber residues and abrasion, oils, greases, resins, tar, paint and adhesive residues, pencil markings,
Ballpoint pen and felt-tip pen dirt, as well as stickers.
• natural active ingredients
• fast drying of the treated surfaces
• pleasantly fresh smell
Areas of application: metal and stainless steel companies, shipyards, swimming pools, cleaning companies,
Gardening and landscaping, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, window construction companies, printing works.

Applicable to: metal surfaces, glass, window frames, tools and mechanical equipment.
Color: clear
Temperature range -30 °C to +70 °C