Metaflux 75-26 Rust Killer

75-26 metaflux Rust Killer

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A phosphate and hydrochloric acid-free water-based rust killer. For removal of light and medium rust layers of metals and flash rust of galvanised surfaces. 

Also suitable for removing oil, grease and protein contamination in the dipping bath. May also be used on copper and brass.

Range of application

Applicable to all industries, food and beverage companies, municipal enterprises, shipyards, motor vehicles, trucks, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, cleaning companies, paint shops etc.

Use on metals of all kinds, including copper and brass.


  • Ready to use
  • Deep cleaner
  • Environment friendly
  • Phosphate and hydrochloric acid free
  • Blue colour
  • pH: 2.0

Available in 10 and 20 litres

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