Metaflux 75-25 Universal Cleaner (concentrate)

75-25 Metaflux Universal Cleaner (concentrate)

Metatec (Online) Limited

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An alkaline universal concentrated cleaner and degreaser particularly affective against strong organic and mineral contaminants such as oil, fat and protein.

Range of application

Metal and stainless steel companies, shipyards, swimming pools, cleaning companies, gardening and landscaping, agriculture, sewage treatment plants, window construction, printing houses etc.
When used in a weir system (cleaning components etc), special surfactants lower the surface tension allowing dirt and contaminations to float to the top and filtered away - leaving the cleaner below 100% clean and effective.


  • Increase effect by heating up to 90°C 
  • Short term corrosion protection
  • Oil separator compatible, tested according to ÖNORM B 5105
  • odourless
  • May be diluted depending on the application (up to 1:40)
  • Pink colour
  • pH value: 11.5
  • Economic - concentrate available for £5.50 per litre
  • Or 14p per litre @ 40:1 dilution

Available in 5, 10 and 20 litres

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