Metaflux 75-17 Citrus Cleaner Spray

75-17 Metaflux Citrus Cleaner Spray

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A cleaning spray made with citrus peel extracts providing a natural degreaser / cleaner with a fresh citrus fragrance.

Range of application

Citrus cleaner is based on natural active ingredients for effective removal of rubber residues, abrasion dust from metal surfaces and tools, oils, greases, resins, tar, remnants of paint and adhesive, pencil marks, ball-point pen and felt pen marks, stickers from glass surfaces and window-frames, etc.

Cleaning of industrial equipment and machinery in the tire industry, window construction, plastics industry, public institutions, schools, public transportation, bus companies, construction companies etc.

Also available in a aerosol gel form for vertical surface application Metaflux 75-88 Citrus Gel Cleaner


  • High concentration of natural active ingredients
  • Neutral pH
  • Pleasant citrus aroma
  • Rapid drying of treated surface
  • Thickness: 0.826 g/cm³ [0.46 oz./in³]
  • Temperature range from -30°C to +70°C [-22°F to +158°F]

400 ml

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