Metaflux 75-14 Oil Remover Spray

75-14 Metaflux Oil Remover Spray

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A universal oil remover that may be applied to a wide range of materials

Range of application

For the removal of oil stains and grease from concrete, stone and any porous materials that generally tend to absorb the oil/grease, thus leaving a visible stain.

The product works on recent and old stains.

Shake well before use. Spray onto the dry surface from about 30 cm [12 in.] distance and leave to act. Sweep away or vacuum up the dry white powder generated and dispose of it in accordance with regulations.
If the contamination is heavy, repeat the process if necessary.

Note: Do not apply 75-14 Oil Remover Spray on bitumen, painted or hot surfaces.


  • Oil stain remover with deep porous cleaning action
  • Penetrates deep into the material
  • Loosens even stubborn oil or grease stains
  • Transforms oil and grease into a manageable powder form
  • Transparant liquid
  • Thickness 0.720 g/cm³ [0.42 oz./in³]

 500 ml

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