Metaflux 75-10 Screen Cleaning Foam

75-10 Metaflux Screen Cleaning Foam

Metatec (Online) Limited

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A gentle yet effective cleaner for electronic display screens of any description.

Range of application

For TV LCD and TFT screens, mobile phone resistive and capacitive touch screens, housings of mobile phones and TV sets, displays, office computers, lap tops, printers, etc.


  • Special foam cleaner for LCD, TFT displays and touch screens
  • Removes finger marks, nicotine, dust, dirt etc. without scratching surfaces
  • Delays appearance of new generated marks and dirt on surfaces
  • Foam adhesive form, will not run off like a spray liquid
  • pH value < 11.5 (at +20°C) [+68°F]
  • Thickness 0.948 g/cm³ [0.55 oz./in³]

200 ml

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