Metaflux 75-04  Multi-TS (anti-spatter)

75-04 Metaflux Multi-TS (anti-spatter)

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Anti-splatter fluid that prevents adhesion. May also be used as a cleaner and degreaser.

Range of application

Metalworking, auto body shops, tank and boiler-making, servicing, special construction, car construction, crane construction and any welding operations.
Man be used for all welding processes, regardless of the welding method.


  • Anti-spatter fluid with temporary corrosion protection
  • Natural and neutral odour
  • Can also be used as a cleaning agent and degreaser
  • Prevents adhesion of weld spatter
  • Protects the work piece, the welding nozzle and the welding equipment
  • Non-flammable
  • Silicone and solvent-free
  • Highly economical - from as little as £10 per litre
  • pH value 9.0

Available in 5,10 and 20 litres

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