Metaflux 71-30  Ceramic Paste Hot Screw Assembly Compound

71-30 Metaflux Ceramic Paste Hot Screw Assembly Compound

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A ceramic Paste Hot-Screw Compound

Range of application

Reliable separating agent for all screw connections, particularly for chrome-nickel connections. Particularly clean separating agent and sealant. Also outstandingly well-suited to compensate for imprecisions on flanges and flat seals. Recommended for screws, connectors, battery poles, assemblies, boilers, toothed wheels, valves, bolts, and as a separator for moulds.

Also available as an aerosol Metaflux 70-86 Ceramic Spray


  • White separating agent and sealant
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Non-flaking
  • Resistant to rinsing, water, oil, petrol, most acids and lye
  • Prevents electro-chemical corrosion
  • Secures easy disassembly after long time
  • Temp. resistance: up to + 1 400°C [+ 2 552°F ]
  • Pressure resistance: 22,000 N/cm² [31 908 psi/in² ]
  • Thickness: 1.300 g/cm³ [0.75 oz./in³ ]

350 gm & 1 kg

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