Metaflux 70-85 Metal Lubricant (Titanium paste)

70-85 Metaflux Metal Lubricant (Titanium paste)

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Description (NEW - 100ml through brush pump applicator now available)

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Metaflux 70-85 is a titanium metal lubricant paste that has a super wide range of applications suitable for heavy industrial demands.

Range of applications

Improves the replacement rate of moving parts on CNC and milling machines. Prevents wear, seizing and corrosion of mechanical connections, sliding parts bearing extreme loads (i.e. forklifts), reduces vibration noises (e.g. squeaking of breaks) etc.

Remarkably, if facilitates removal of nuts on damaged threading by actually remodelling the damaged thread. 

Renders metal and steel parts stable and protected against variations induced by cold and heat. Highly recommended for all industrial fields, automotive, civil and military sea ports, water sewage plants, power plants, hospitals, civil and military constructions and installations, etc. Excellent on stainless steels.


  • Titanium based lubricant paste
  • Unique industrial heavy duty metal lubricant based on titanium to secure highest performance in all extreme conditions throughout the time
  • Resistant to saltwater, water, oil, petrol, most acids, lye, gases and vapours
  • Abrasion-resistant 
  • Non-flaking if exposed to continuous heat or rinsing
  • Prevents galvanic contact corrosion
  • Nickel, copper and aluminum-free with no possibility of electrolyte formation
  • Lubricant base: Titanium, color: gray
  • Temp. resistance: -180°C to +1 350°C[-356°F up to +2 462°F]
  • Pressure resistance: 2 400 kPa/cm²(= 23 400 N/cm²) [33 938 psi]

70-85-08 2 x 4 gm sachet (ideal for applying to auto brakes as anti-seize)

70-85-01 100ml pump (single handed, reduced waste direct through the brush)

70-85-35  350 gm tin (with brush applicator0

70-85-35 1000 gm tin (for those big jobs)

Also available in aerosol Metaflux 70-81

Cartridge with brush version arriving soon.

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