Metaflux 70-65 Galvaplast

70-65-10 Metaflux Galvaplast with hardener

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Article No. 70-65
Universally usable metal repair putty for galvanised and un-galvanised surfaces.
It has excellent adhesion qualities - even on vertical surfaces.
You can apply up to 20mm in one operation.

Clean the surface oil and grease-free, lightly roughen - apply GALVAPLAST®.

Includes a special additive allowing adhesion to Galvanised surfaces.
• Hardens deep and tight, almost without shrinking
• Without hairline cracks, vibration-resistant at high stretch, no crumbling
• Resistant to water, oil, petrol and dilute acids
• Unusually high pulling ability
• Cold-resistant, can still to be processed up to -5°C
Article No. 70-6510: 1 kg can incl. Hardener

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