Metaflux 70-62 Drain Cleaner

70-62 Metaflux Drain Cleaner

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Super strength (highly concentrated) drain cleaner for the removal of hair, soaps, fats, blood residues and other organic components from canals, siphons, pipes, drainpipes and aquiferous systems.

Range of application

Food and beverage industry, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, youth hostels & hostels, universities, schools, guest houses, kindergartens, public toilets, public facilities etc.

Channels, siphons, pipes, drainpipes, gutters, showers, wash basins and all water-bearing systems.


  • Ready to use immediately
  • Long-lasting deodorising
  • Germicidal effect
  • No noxious fumes
  • No chlorine

Available in various quantities

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