Metaflux 70-27 Tool Spray

70-27 Metaflux® High Speed Synthetic Foam Tool Spray.

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Effective mineral oil & sulphur free HIGH SPEED COOLING FOAM for drill bits and cutting tools compatible with all water-mixable cooling lubricants.

Range of application

Universal mineral oil & sulphur free cutting foam for every metal, from the hardest stainless steel and titanium to soft metals like copper, brass, aluminium and cast metal.

May be universally used for all cutting and working processes. Increases drill bit and cutting tools useful longevity by up to 100%


  • High Speed
  • Foam provides good adhesion properties (even on curved surfaces.)
  • May be washed off with water
  • Sulphur and mineral oil free
  • No transient chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Compatible with all water-mixable cooling lubricants
  • For all cutting related work processes
  • Increases drill bit and cutting tool usefulness by almost 100%
  • Increases the cutting performance of metal saws up to 40%
  • White in colour
  • Thickness: 0.880 g/cm³ [0.51 oz./in³]

 400 ml


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