Metaflux 70-16 Pure Liquid Aluminium Spray

70-16 Metaflux Liquid Aluminium Spray

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Pure liquid aluminium gives a smooth surface finish that offers corrosion protection for most solid surfaces. 

Range of application

May be sprayed on any solid surface such as metal, wood, plastic, etc.

It is an excellent finish for air-conditioning units, galvanised surfaces, furnaces and ovens, pipes, machine housings, tanks, truck parts, silos, exhaust pipes, wheel rims, welded joints, etc.


  • Ultra-fine pure aluminum lamina for smooth surface finish
  • Cathodic anti-corrosion protection up to +800°C [+1 470°F]
  • Electrically conductive (spot welding)
  • Thermic diffusion on steel from +825°C [+1 520°F]
  • 400 ml [13.52 fl.oz.] may coat up to 8-10 m² [86 -108 ft²]
  • Gloss shine finish
  • Dry film aluminium content 99.5%
  • Aluminium purity 99.5%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +800°C [+1 470°F]

 01 x 400 ml

 12 x 400ml (1 box)

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