Metaflux 70-15  Rapid Cleaner Spray

70-15 Metaflux Rapid Cleaner Spray

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Metaflux® 70-15 is a rapid cleaner specifically developed for the preparation of surfaces prior to the application of Metaflux® 70-40. It completely removes oil, grease, dirt and dust. Non corrosive, it rapidly disperses & leaves no residue.

Range of application

Intensive cleaning of oily, greasy and dusty surfaces - in the workshop or on- site during preparation, before applying coatings.

Is also suitable for Rapid cleaning and degreasing of all metallic surfaces, oil-burners in heating systems, motherboards and electronic circuits.


  • Special cleaner

  • Quick cleaning, with no harmful


  • Non-irritant

  • Fully residue-free degreasing

  • Does not attack rubber or plastics

  • Colourless

  • Viscosity 0.703 g/cm3 [0.41 oz./in3]

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