Metaflux 70-08 Super Degrip Spray

70-08 Metaflux Super Degrip Spray

Metatec (Online) Limited

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For loosening rust and dirt encrusted joints - providing  subsequent corrosion protection on screw connections, bolts, valves, pipe flanges, etc. 

Range of application

Dissolves rust, dirt and loosens seized parts such as threaded joints, bolts, valves, pipe flanges, etc, leaving a rust protection lubrication where applied. Spray on the rusted area and leave to act.


  • Rust remover with lubricating anti-corrosive additives for high industrial demands
  • High creep capability
  • No solid deposits
  • Painted surfaces are not attacked
  • A lubricating effect makes additional care products unnecessary
  • Light yellow colour
  • Tempering resistance: up to 60° C

400 ml

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