Metaflux 75-55 Stainless Steel Care Wipes

75-55-01 Metaflux Stainless Steel Care Wipes

Metatec (Online) Limited

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Stainless steel surface care cloths (50 in tub) - cleans, protects and is an anti-static. Makes stainless steel look like new. 

Range of use

Commercial kitchens, kitchen-making, gastro-engineering, hospitals, food and drink industry, benches, catering, sanitary facilities, dairies, winemaking companies, cleaning companies. Can be used on stainless steel, non-ferrous heavy metals, aluminium, stoves and smooth surfaces.

Also available in an aerosol version Metaflux 75-55


  • Highly effective caring and cleaning emulsion
  • Ready to use
  • Cleans, cares for and protects in a single work process
  • Removes fingerprints and light marks with no effort
  • No cleaning smears
  • Leaves stainless steel surfaces shiny as brand new
  • Provides treated surfaces with a water repellent protective film

50 cloths per tub


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