Metaflux 84-30 ERS A1 Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Kit

Metaflux® ERS A1 Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Machine - Full Kit 84-30-00

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This machine replaces the need for toxic pickling passivation to remove ‘blueing’ and burning from stainless steel welds.

Much better for the environment and much better for you!

Range of application

For the rapid and gentle cleaning of stainless steel weld 'blueing' and burning.

Replacement Glass Fibre bands


  • Economical, Environmentally friendly, safe and better for you.
  • Cleans and passivates in one operation, even in difficult areas of accessibility
  • Replaces need for toxic pickling process - much better for the environment and you!

The kit Includes

  • ERS A1 machine encased with integrated carrying handle
  • Grounding wire black with terminal, 2m
  • Handlebar red, 3m
  • PTFE handle
  • Front handle sleeve
  • Carbon fibre brush with M10 thread
  • Power supply cable
  • Key
  • 25g Hot-screw Compound 71-30
  • 1 bottle of 75-47
  • 1 bottle of 75-53
  • Wide-mouth container
  • Transporting case
  • An instruction manual
  • NOT INCLUDED - Spares and service kit available on request and all cleaning fluids available online.


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