NEW 70-35 Metaflux Rust-I-Sol Aerosol - 500 hr salt spray tested - now with or without spray though applicator & 50cm extension.

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Our patented rust neutraliser now available in aerosol form.

NEW - Can be purchased with spray through Brush applicator and or a 50cm Extension for those hard to reach places.

Metaflux Rust-i-Sol rust convertor forms a bond with rust whilst acting as a water and air proof block that insulates and protects against oxidation whilst isolating and neutralising the rust layer.

Range of application

Metaflux Rust-i-Sol is our patented rust neutraliser in aerosol form. It isolates and neutralises the rust layer and renders it resistant to corrosion. As it  dries, the colour changes from grey to blue and finally to black when the job is done.

Also available in brushable liquid form Metaflux 70-36.


  • Highly effective and long lasting corrosion protection
  • Scratch-resistant
  • May finish with paints and varnishes
  • Lead-free, non-caustic
  • Can be safely washed down after drying
  • Also effective on damp rust
  • Does not attack paint and zinc coverings 
  • Can be welded over without problem
  • Certified 500 hour salt-spray tests to DIN50021 
  • pH 7.3 to 8.5

400 ml with Brush applicator

400 ml with 50cm Extension

400 ml with Brush & 50cm Extension

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