Metaflux 70-45 Zinc Spray (cold galv)

70-45 Metaflux Zinc Spray (93% Zinc in the dry film) Complies with BS EN ISO 3549 & BS EN ISO 1461 (use drop down for bulk prices)

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A Zinc Spray that provides long term protection against corrosion to exposed steel or steel structure's.

Complies with BS EN ISO 1461 & is Manufactured to BS EN ISO 3549

Range of application

For repairing damaged HDG to 20µm or for use as primary protection on exposed steel or steel structures. 


  • Highest quality long-term zinc coating for cathodic protection for all steels and steel structures in all environments
  • No cracks in protection film cohesion
  • No capillary cracks
  • Licensed for use in potable water areas / installations
  • Complies with BS EN ISO 1461 to 20µm
  • Resistant to salt, saltwater, acid rain and heat
  • Matte finish
  • 400 ml may coat up to 8 m² with a layer thickness at 20 μm.
  • Dry film zinc content: 93 % (+/- 1%)
  • Zinc purity: 98.5 – 99%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +120°C [+248°F]

400 ml

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