Metaflux 70-42 Alu-Zinc Spray

70-42 Metaflux Alu-Zinc Spray (HS32082090)

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Description - NIL STOCK

Please consider one of our 3 alternative products  - all offer the same bright finish, cathodic protection and for powder coating - high temp resins in 01-99.

01-99, 01-05S, or 70-43.

Metaflux 70-42 Alu-Zinc Spray provides rapid drying corrosion protection - a combination of pure zinc and aluminium.

Range of application

For repairs of damaged galvanised surfaces or abrasions caused during fitting etc.

Excellent for spot welding, providing an effective anti-corrosion barrier leaving a high quality shine appearance.

Ideal for metal structures such as farm and commercial installations, gutters, fences, truck platforms and trailers, doors, telephone and commercial booths, etc.

Notes; when maximum zinc content vs. aluminium is required, use Metaflux 70-43 Zinc Sheen Spray.


  • Combines corrosion-proof zinc coating mixed with aluminium for shiny finish giving a hot dip galvanised appearance
  • Drying time: 4-6 minutes according to surface and environmental humidity
  • Sufficiently dry to handle after 8-12 minutes
  • Uv-Stabilised
  • Ignition point: >+100°C [>+212°F]
  • SHI
  • Colour: silver grey
  • Dry film zinc content: 83 % (+/- 1%)
  • Zinc purity: 99%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +140°C [+284°F]
  • Norm compliance: DIN EN ISO 3549:2002
  • NATO Stock Number: NSN 8010-99-991-5337

 400 ml & 12 x 400ml 

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