70-40 Metaflux Zinc Paste CE/42/2004 (Benzine FREE) (BS EN ISO 1461 & 3549)

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  • We don't use Benzine; this is a known & well established, potent co-carcinogen
  • Our Zinc paste contains white spirit! 
  • 70-40 is certified for use to BS EN ISO 1461 of 2009 (repairs to hot dipped galvanising)
  • You can use white spirit to dilute if you require for spraying; no need to buy a specific branded dilution product.
  • No mechanical stirring, no re-stirring and no dilution required prior to brush on use... ready to use.
  • We even supply the brush with our 1 kg tin.
  • We do recommend using 70-15 to clean surface prior to application 
  • In summary; no carcinogens and no extra spend - no dilution, no stirring & brush supplied.
  • Question? Why are some of our competitors products "manufactured" in countries without the same stringent safety standards adhered to in the EU?  

Range of application

Metaflux 70-40 is the highest quality long-term thick-layer zinc coating for steel and metal surfaces / structures that are exposed to our environment. Please remember - if and where practical, always choose HDG.


  • Corrosion-proof zinc coating
  • Zinc content in dry film: 96%
  • Zinc purity 98.5 - 99%
  • Thick-layer application system for large surfaces
  • Dries without capillary cracks
  • Resistant to salt, saltwater, acid rain and heat
  • Airless spraying without dilution
  • No zinc sedimentation in the tin
  • Ready-to-use at all times
  • A thickness of up to 150μm can be achieved in one coating/application
  • 1kg coats up to 2.5 m² according to layer thickness at 100 μm
  • Certified for repairs to Hot Dipped Galvanising: BS EN ISO 1461 (2009) and manufactured to BS EN ISO 3549 

Available in 500g, 500g with brush, 1kg, 1kg with brush and 10kg tins.

Download MSDS TDS & CHECK how much cathodic protection you need in your area. (120µm of 70-40 = 85µm of HDG).

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