Metaflux 70-43 Zinc Sheen Spray (cold galv)

70-43 Metaflux Zinc Sheen Spray (HS32082090)

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Cathodic Zinc Sheen Spray is a highly effective corrosion proofing that resembles the look of hot dipped galvanising. Often described as cold galvanising, it is the highest quality corrosion-proof zinc coating with a shine.

Range of application

Developed specifically for repairs of damaged galvanised surfaces, abrasions and spot welding. Recommended for coating drilled holes and welded joints. It is a highly effective corrosion barrier for steel and metal parts and constructions that are exposed to weather; farm equipment, port facilities, marine and shipyard installations, pipelines, oil and gas platforms, gutters, fences etc.


  • Aerosol delivery, can be easily applied any time and anywhere required
  • Compound colour matches original hot-dipped galvanised parts
  • discolours over time at the same rate as the host base material
  • Dry film zinc content: 90 % (+/- 1%)
  • Zinc purity: 99%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +140°C [+284°F]
  • Norm compliance: DIN EN ISO 3549:2002

 400 ml

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