Metaflux 70-43 Zinc Sheen Spray (cold galv)

70-43 Metaflux Zinc Sheen Spray (HS32082090)

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Cathodic Zinc Sheen Spray is a highly effective corrosion proofing that resembles the look of hot dipped galvanising. Often described as cold galvanising, it is the highest quality corrosion-proof zinc coating with a shine. This product is very similar to Metatflux® 70-42, but with a higher zinc content and the same bright finish.

Range of application

Developed specifically for repairs of damaged galvanised surfaces, abrasions and spot welding. Recommended for coating drilled holes and welded joints. It is a highly effective corrosion barrier for steel and metal parts and constructions that are exposed to weather; farm equipment, port facilities, marine and shipyard installations, pipelines, oil and gas platforms, gutters, fences etc.


  • Aerosol delivery, can be easily applied any time and anywhere required
  • Compound colour matches original hot-dipped galvanised parts
  • discolours over time at the same rate as the host base material
  • Dry film zinc content: 90 % (+/- 1%)
  • Zinc purity: 99%
  • Temp. resistance: up to +140°C [+284°F]
  • Norm compliance: DIN EN ISO 3549:2002

 400 ml

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